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Abihuta mu Iterambere Cooperative

Within their first year of working together, the artisans of Abihuta were happy to find that they were able to start a savings group, pay for their family’s national health insurance and serve as an example and inspiration for their neighbors. [highlight]We love our customers around the world.[/highlight]

Inzira ya Vision

"Path of Vision" cooperative is a group of young adult and experienced woodcarvers who are passionate and committed to push the limits of wood by making beautiful handmade wood crafts. [highlight]Isidor Ahisaziye learned to carve as a youth from one of the older artisans. Now Isidor, his wife and two children are sustained through his work. As an experienced artisan, Isidor is now teaching neighboring youth his art.[/highlight]

Ubuzima Bushya (Ubuzima Bwiza i Munazi)

Neighbors from the village of Munazi have come together to work with local bee products to create beautiful and useful goods! From the sale of their candles so far some have invested in farm animals and others refurbished their homes. But there is even more benefit than this.[highlight]"Before working with this candle dipping group I was lonely, since working with them I now have a good group of friends whom I regularly meet."Grace[/highlight]

Abizeranye Cooperative

More than 4554 stitches are hand woven into every medium bowl. And with every stitch, the artisan had her family in mind. With her fair wage income, she provides for the wellbeing of her household in the Rwandan countryside. [highlight]Nourishment, health, education, and dreams for a bright future- your basket holds much love.[/highlight]

Abarikumwe Association

The women of Abarikumwe are skilled farmers, excellent weavers, and delightful Experiences hostesses. One of Azizi Life’s first artisan partner groups, Abarikumwe has grown together with us, with much laughter along the way. The Abarikumwe artisans specialize in weaving jewelry from natural sisal fibers. [highlight]We are honored to introduce you to the creators of the very first Azizi Life Experience Day![/highlight]
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