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My craft is a thing of great value which will surely provide for my life and my family.

Igihangano cyanjye cyivuze ko ari ikintu cy’ingirakamoro kandi kigomba ku nkunga mu buzima hamwe n’umuryango wanjye.

Inzira ya Vision Cooperative

Path of Vision

Inzira ya Vision is a group of young adult and experienced woodcarvers who are passionate and committed to push the limits of wood by making beautiful handmade wood crafts.  Azizi Life’s Christmas nativities custom spoons are all formed in the hands of these gifted men.

This group began in 2013, when six individual wood carvers decided to band together with a vision to fight poverty, improve quality of life, share the knowledge and experience and to seek a broader market for their products. By 2019, the group had grown to eighteen men, united in vision.

The wood carvers share that with increased opportunities for fair trade income through Azizi Life, they have grown in their ability to provide for the needs of their families.  Their victories include purchasing family health insurance, covering the school fees for their children and investing in livestock (an appreciating asset!).

Beyond the fellowship of their own group, the artisans have chosen to impact their community by teaching neighbors the art of wood carving.  During busy periods, the men focus on their carving and employ neighbors to work in their fields.  The artisans are committed to being good examples in their community and, with their income, are further able provide help to impoverished neighbors.  The greatest vision yet to be fulfilled for this group is to build their own workshop and have an additional income-generating project in their community.

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