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Before working with this candle dipping group I was lonely, since working with them I now have a good group of friends whom I regularly meet

Ubuzima Bushya

New Life Association

Neighbors from the village of Munazi, this group of 8 men and women came together initially as beekeepers and cleaners of beeswax for other enterprises.  In 2016, they were trained by Azizi Life’s Impact beekeeping project to learn how to hand-dip their own beeswax candles in their village, as well as how to weave and make their own packaging.  Already from the sales of their candles, several of the women have been buying their own animals for breeding to sell the young for health insurance coverage for their families. Other group members have refurbished their houses and one has even installed a solar power kit for his home. Since the formation of their group, the members have faced significant challenges, but through determination and perseverance, they have united to create these beautiful candles for your home.

This group was first called Ubuzima Bwiza i Munazi, which means Association for Good Life in Munazi Village.

Cooperative Crafted…