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Looking for a gift for your teacher? We have hand selected a range of products for you to choose from that are all $20 or under.

Celebrating Earth Month with Sustainable Handmade Products from Rwanda

This April, let’s celebrate Earth Month by joining the growing number of people making sustainable choices that benefit the environment and those who make them. We can do this by supporting handmade products made in Rwanda by artisans using natural materials. These items are not only great for the planet but also create economic opportunities […]

Celebrating International Women’s Month – Meet Ancille

At the beginning of 2022, after many years of planning, Azizi Life started building its new home. As a way of supporting the local community and providing much-needed work in the neighborhood, we chose to compete as much of the construction by hand as possible. Everything from levelling the land and digging the foundations to […]

Spread the Love: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day, no matter how you celebrate it, is a day to show the most important people in your life just how much they mean to you. Whether you need a special gift for your significant other, a bestie gal, a family member, or you simply want to treat yourself, our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide has […]

What is Fair Trade and How Can You Support It?

What is Fair Trade? Azizi Life is a Fair Trade Certified organization; what does that mean? Fair trade is an approach to business and to development based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks to create greater equity in the international trading system. Fair Trade Federation Fair Trade is putting people before profit and Azizi […]

Ellen’s Grand Opening

“I was blown away by this shop on the Ellen Campus where Rwandan women sell their incredible completely handmade goods. They’re so beautiful.”

Ellen DeGeneres

Wedding Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for a lady that you love? We have hand selected our most popular products for you to choose from.

Beeutiful Creations

We’re a Christian social enterprise based in Rwanda. We are committed to supporting beekeepers and their bees by purchasing bee-products and working with artisans to create ‘Beeutiful’ products. We closely partner with the entire supply chain in order to bring about economic, social and spiritual transformation.Through working with us, our suppliers are better able to support their families, provide health insurance, and engage in further village-based micro-enterprise schemes.

Inzira ya Vision

“Path of Vision” cooperative is a group of young adult and experienced woodcarvers who are passionate and committed to push the limits of wood by making beautiful handmade wood crafts. Isidor Ahisaziye learned to carve as a youth from one of the older artisans. Now Isidor, his wife and two children are sustained through his work. As an experienced artisan, Isidor is now teaching neighboring youth his art.

In the Press: What the Style Pros Say About Us

Seeing the work of our artisans from far-flung places being featured by some of our favorite publications closer to home is next-level exciting. And not because it’s so fun to see your name up in lights, but because when our bowls or pillows get noticed, it means we’re making the impact we set out to make.

How to Hang A Bowl Wall

Creating a stunning bowl wall can be intimidating so we’ve put together a few tips to help you get the spacing and style exactly as you’d like it.

Prayer Update – November 2018

‘Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the Potter; we are all the work of your hand.’ – Isaiah 64:8   RWANDA The Rainy season has started again. During the last rainy season many people lost their homes and some even their lives. Please pray for safety during coming rains […]

Prayer Update – December 2017

It has been a wonderful month with great sales, adult literacy graduation and bible distribution, plus many more things to be thankful for and to seek Gods help in moving forward.

Ubuzima Bushya (Ubuzima Bwiza i Munazi)

Neighbors from the village of Munazi have come together to work with local bee products to create beautiful and useful goods! From the sale of their candles so far some have invested in farm animals and others refurbished their homes. But there is even more benefit than this.

“Before working with this candle dipping group I was lonely, since working with them I now have a good group of friends whom I regularly meet.”


Prayer Update – August 2017

This month we are praying for Presidential Elections, class attendance, bee hive populations, craft shipments, tour logistics, a new baby and much more.

Prayer Update – June 2017

This month we are praying for Families as they pay their annual Medical Insurance, Adult literacy last period of lessons, annual Plans and Budget, Water filter distribution, New facilitators, wisdom in meeting new tourism regulations, big Shipment to the US, new sales opportunities in Rwanda, beekeepers/candle dippers, a new baby, more US volunteers and a 10 Year anniversary.