INTRODUCING Villages Calgary- Azizi Life’s New Canadian Distribution Partner

Azizi Life is always looking for ways that we can serve both our artisan partners and our customers around the world. Great news for all- Canadian customers can purchase Azizi Life products directly from Calgary!

We are thrilled to announce our new exclusive distributor in Canada: Villages Calgary.
We love our network of partners who share our dedication to the wellbeing of artisans through fair trade. Villages Calgary has been carrying Azizi Life products in their beautiful retail space for several years, and we are honored that they have now become our national representative.

Getting to Know Villages Calgary

Villages Calgary is a non-profit society that is dedicated to promoting ethical and fair trade in order to ensure that marginalized communities have access to a market for their goods. Through their commitment to providing a fair living wage, they partner with organizations like Azizi Life to help mitigate the poverty cycle and strengthen the global fair trade network. 

Villages Calgary began operating in 1984 as a volunteer-led organization, established by the Global Village Crafts Society, who still runs them today. This organization is committed to promoting fair trade practices in Calgary, Alberta and contributing to the growth of the fair trade community in the city.  In the store today, Villages Calgary sources products from over 75 vendors in 48 countries, offering a diverse range of goods that celebrate different cultures and skill sets.

One of the most significant benefits of fair trade is that it empowers marginalized communities by creating sustainable employment opportunities. Villages Calgary, member of the Fair Trade Federation and SEWF, recognizes this and ensures that producers are paid a fair wage for their products. Like Azizi Life, they believe in the importance of being transparent, fair, and honest in how they source their products and conduct their operations. Our shared values center around fairness, collaboration, stewardship, ethical behavior, and intentionality.

Furthermore, Villages Calgary is committed to highlighting the importance of fair trade education, advocating for the fair treatment of employees, and supporting the creation of sustainable sources of income for producers. They have taken an active role in promoting this concept in Calgary through various projects, campaigns, and events that bring people together to learn about and support fair trade.

Azizi Life is also a member of the Fair Trade Federation. As we continue to build and strengthen our global fair trade network, partnerships with organizations like Villages Calgary are essential. By working together, we can ensure that producers have a market for their goods, and customers receive quality products that are not only sustainable but empower communities. With Villages Calgary, we are proud to have a partner that aligns with our mission and shares our values.

We are excited to welcome Villages Calgary as our exclusive distributor in Canada and to support their fair trade initiatives. Their commitment to empowering communities and promoting sustainable, ethical practices aligns beautifully with Azizi Life’s. By working together, we believe that we can continue to grow the Fair Trade movement and provide more support and stability to producers worldwide. 

Want to shop Azizi Life in Canada through Villages Calgary? Check out their website:

Wholesale customers in Canada, stock Azizi Life for your store through Villages Calgary. Contact them via email on or or you can also phone them on (403) 270-0631

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