Beeutiful Creations

Supporting Rwandan beekeepers and their bees

Beeutiful Creations is a Christian social enterprise within the Azizi Life family.  We are committed to supporting Rwandan beekeepers and their bees by purchasing bee products and working with artisans to create ‘Beeutiful’ products. We closely partner with the entire supply chain in order to foster economic, social, and spiritual transformation.

Fair Trade

All Beeutiful Creations products are sourced ethically, ensuring their suppliers are paid fair prices for their products and labor. Fair wages are calculated to include the sourcing of raw materials, time spent in production, and delivery to our offices. Through working with us our suppliers are better able to support their families.

Sustainably Sourced

Bees are so vitally important and necessary for our environment. Pollination by bees contributes to one-third of all fruits and vegetables that we consume on a daily basis. So Beeutiful Creations encourages the use of locally produced Rwandan hives that are made from local natural materials that biodegrade, creating a more natural home for our bees. We also encourage through training sustainable harvesting practices to ensure the colony remains intact after harvesting.

Holistic Development

Beeutiful Creations takes a head, hands, and heart approach to help our beekeepers, artisans, and employees develop themselves in a holistic way. We partner in a way that reflects God’s love and investing time and energy in ensuring all can increase their skills and their knowledge through training.

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