What is Fair Trade and How Can You Support It?

What is Fair Trade?

Azizi Life is a Fair Trade Certified organization; what does that mean?

Fair trade is an approach to business and to development based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks to create greater equity in the international trading system.

Fair Trade Federation

Fair Trade is putting people before profit and Azizi Life is committed to this “people first” philosophy in everything that we do. In line with the UN Development Goals, Azizi Life strives to empower women, promote education, steward the environment, pay fair wages, and promote dignified work.

How Azizi Life Partners in Develpment Through Fair Trade:

1. How We: Empower Women

Did you know that over 80% of Azizi Life artisan partners are women? When women receive fair wages, they exercise their financial independence for the benefit of their families. Gender inequality is decreased as the women rise as leaders for the development of their households and communities.

2. How We: Promote Education

Did you know Azizi Life Impact’s adult literacy program educated more than 2,500 new readers within the last 4 years?  Not only do rural citizens and prisoners learn how to read and write but are also empowered through the Rwandan literacy curriculum participate in national development goals. Literacy graduates are leading savings groups, promoting disease prevention, and advancing child wellness.

3. How We: Steward the Environment

Did you know Azizi Life offers renewable resources like fuel-efficient stoves and water filters to artisans and community members? Through interest-free loans, more than 1,000 households have gained access to resources which make a difference for environment, health, and economy. In addition, over 90% of the artisans’ raw materials are locally-sourced from renewable plants.

4. How We: Pay Fair Wages / Promote Safe and Dignified Work 

Did you know Azizi Life artisan partners are paid immediatly upon delivery in Rwanda? At the top of our priorities is artisan wellbeing and fair, prompt payment for every product. Our artisan partners work together in cooperatives which promote just, safe work free from child labor.

4 Ways you can get involved in Fair Trade:

In addition to shopping with Azizi Life, here are four ways that you can support Fair Trade!

1. Shop Fair Trade

Look for Fair Trade alternatives for items you already buy, like food and toiletries. If you are unsure an item is Fair Trade, look for a “Certified Fair Trade” label or Google the brand. We recommend organizations like Simple Switch which offer a variety of fair, ethical goods all in one place!

2. Advocate

If your favorite stores or supermarkets do not carry Fair Trade products, ask why! Explore ways to come alongside them to add Fair Trade products in their stores.

3. Give Back

Donate to Fair Trade nonprofit organizations and companies that support ethical production. A donation to Azizi Life Impact is an investment in the economic opportunities for rural Rwandan artisans and communities.

4. Spread the Word

A powerful way to support Fair Trade is to educate yourself and empower others to do the same. Share with your friends, family, and community the importance of Fair Trade.

Who can you share with today?
Spread the word by sharing on social media about your favorite Fair Trade brands, like Azizi Life!

When you support Fair Trade, you are supporting both people and the planet. Every product we purchase is connected to a person, and purchasing Fair Trade is one small step to making our world a better place.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting

a vote for the kind of world you want.” 

― Anna Lappe

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