How to Style our Christmas Tassel Garlands

Decorate your home with purpose this holiday season (and all year long)! Our new Christmas Tassel Garlands are here – from the hands of the maker to yours! Here are some practical and festive ways to style every strand. With four variations – the versatility is endless!

Use as a Finishing Touch on Your Christmas Tree

Add a natural pop of color to your Christmas Tree this year by stringing your Christmas Tassel Garlands in the most tradition way!

Decorate your Mantel

Do you live in a small space and don’t have a Christmas Tree? String your Christmas Tassel Garlands along your mantel!

String Them Along a Window

Don’t have a mantel? No problem! Add a touch of Christmas to your space by stringing your Christmas Tassel Garlands along your window!

Intertwine With Twinkling Lights

Hang a strand or two alongside a strand of lights to add light to Christmas scenes or to any corner of your home!

Make Wall Art

We warned you, the versatility is endless! Keep your Christmas Tassel Garlands up year-round by turning them into wall art after the holidays (or during)! Use what you already have in your home as a base – an extra curtain rod, large stick from the garden, a wooden dowel – get creative here! Next, simply drape your Christmas Tassel Garlands and hang it on the wall! There you have it, a one of a kind piece of wall art!

Meet the Makers

Our Christmas Tassel Garlands are hand woven by the women of Abarikumwe, Abumurava, and Kanguka Cooperatives from natural sisal fibers.

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