Decorate your Home with Impact this Holiday Season!

By decorating your home with Azizi Life you are decorating with pieces that empower and make a difference in the lives of artisan partners. Here are some of our favorite ways to add holiday touches to our space!

1. Hand Carved Nativity Sets

With all of our Hand Carved Nativity Sets and Pieces, woodcarvers begin with a log from a Jacaranda or Musave tree to craft each piece. They then use a machete to carve out the shape then refine it with knives and sandpaper.  

Meet the Makers

The artisans who handcraft our Nativity sets are of the Inganzo Cooperative. These men have used the profit from their wood carving activities to buy small animals such as pigs and hens which they use to supplement their income from the sale of eggs and meat.  When they began, all of the members were single.  Now many of the men have been able to build homes, marry, and begin families.

In the midst of our work, we take time to praise God.  He has kept us from accidents and provided for us. 

-Inganzo member Aimable Ngabikeye

2. Hand Poured Beeswax Candles

Our Hand Poured Candles are perfect for the dinner table or mantel. They also make a beautiful gift. Each candle is hand-poured and made from entirely natural Rwandan beeswax with cotton wicks.

Meet the Makers

We are proud to source our candles through our sister brand ‘Beautiful Creations’ which helps beekeepers from our Impact Beekeeping Project to source a market for their crafts. They only sell 100% pure and natural, fairly sourced products.

3. Hand Crafted Ornaments

Each of our Hand Crafted Ornaments add a touch of culture to your Christmas tree. Our woven ornaments are made with natural fibers and take about one day to complete. Our wooden ornaments are hand carved from a branch of the flowering Jacaranda Tree. Lastly, our Fabric Star Ornaments are hand sewn from African fabric.

Meet the Makers

Our Striped Woven Ball Ornaments are woven by the women of the Abibumbye Cooperative. These women do not consider themselves merely co-workers, or even friends. They consider themselves a family that helps each other grow and flourish, working together to overcome poverty. One of their few requirements for joining the group is a willingness to teach and share their skills with other cooperative members.

Need more Holiday decorating inspiration?

Check out our new Christmas Tassel Garlands and our blog post on how we style them!

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