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My favorite thing about my work as a weaver is coming to Azizi Life to deliver my products.  There I get to spend time with different artisans, collaborating and sharing our skills.  I also love seeing what everyone has created- this gives me energy and hope for my future. 

Kanguka Cooperative

Wake Up! Cooperative

Determined to fight against the poverty and loneliness that was looming over their homes, 13 women from Muhanga District joined together in April 2007 to form the Kanguka Mutegarugori Association. The women saw weaving as a means to gain some financial independence from their husbands, some of whom  kept a tight grip on the families’ limited funds in order to fuel their alcoholism.

Learning to weave with excellence is often a slow process, and we so admire the tenacity of this group of ladies.  Little by little, each member worked to refine her skills, and now they are experts at weaving beautiful miniature baskets.

Antoinette Uwijuru, like most artisans, is also a subsistence farmer. Before joining Kanguka Cooperative, Antoinette could not even provide basic necessities for her five children. Now, the money Antoinette earns from her weaving enables her to buy clothes, food, and soap for her family. She has invested in some chickens and a pig, and hopes one day to buy a cow, a key source of fertilizer and nutrition.

I dream of growing in my craft so that I can pay the way for all of my children to graduate from secondary school. – Antionette Uwijuru

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