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Crafting and selling together, the cooperative grows stronger and artisans rise out of problems, moving to a better life.

Abumurava Cooperative

People Striving for Excellence Cooperative

The Abumurava Cooperative was begun by a core group of women in October 2007 as a forum for working together in order to provide mutual support, development, and increased standard of living. A number of the women in the cooperative come from difficult backgrounds and have struggled with illness, poverty, and loneliness due to HIV/AIDS. Through the group, the artisans have been able to use and improve their skills in weaving sisal fibers in order to better provide for themselves and their families. The weavers hope to find new markets for their creations in the coming year. In their time weaving together, the members of Abumurava support and encourage one another in many areas of life.

Through an Azizi Life micro-finance project, Abumurava weavers have bought stoves that use much less firewood and as a result protect the environment. The cooperative welcomes visitors for Experience days, and they dream of a future where they have a cooperative house and a plantation of sisal.

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