Design Inspiration: A Home That Tells a Story

The decor pieces displayed in your home tell a story. What story does your home tell? Does it tell the stories of artisan makers around the globe who are treated with dignity and paid fairly?

Before purchasing home decor (or really anything!), we encourage researching for ethically-made alternatives. Today we are sharing artisan-made pieces by some of our favorite ethical brands, while also giving you some inspiration on how to pair them with favorite Azizi Life pieces. By purchasing from these brands, you playing a role in preserving traditional craft and heritage and adding a little culture to your home’s story.

Woven Bowls by Azizi Life – Rwanda

The featured hand-woven bowls are inspired by traditional Rwandan design and are a part of the Local + Lejos collection. All are crafted from natural sisal fibers threaded over a core of locally-gathered forest grasses. Artisan partners work 1-2 days to weave a 7” bowl and 5-7 days to weave a 16” bowl. These pieces can be used to hold jewelry, fruit, your little odds, and ends, or leave them empty and hang them on the wall as we styled them today! These bowls are woven by the Abizeranye Cooperativewho specialize in weaving baskets of the highest quality. Their woven bowls stand out among others because of the care and time put into crafting each one. 

Macy White Home Collection Sutton Woven Storage Basket by Azizi Life – Rwanda

Our Sutton Woven Storage Baskets are handwoven with natural sisal fibers threaded over a core of locally-gathered forest grasses. These baskets are perfect for stashing linens, toys, or even your interior tree pots and house plants. These baskets are made by artisan partners in the Abahuje CooperativeThe women of Abahuje work together to develop themselves, increase their standard of living, and reduce their financial dependence on others. Through their partnership with Azizi Life, the weavers of Abahuje not only have access to a global market to sell their products, but they also receive a fair price for their work.

Quilt by Anchal Project – India

Anchal Project believes in addressing global issues through sustainable design as well as ensuring each piece you purchase is one-of-a-kind and hand-made just for you! The Prism Quilt was made by an artisan in Ajmer, India, and is Fair Trade Verified featuring a hand-stitched signature of the maker. 

Pillow by The Little Market – Mexico

Hand-woven on a backstrap loom using a method called brocade, the traditional Mayan technique is practiced to intricately weave culture into this pillow. This pillow is made by The Little Market artisan cooperative partners at Luchometik in Mexico. This cooperative consists of six women who realized they all shared the desire to learn and search for an opportunity to improve their lives. 

Pillow by Zuahaza – Colombia

Zuahaza believes in honoring makers, culture, and craft. The name Zuahaza means “my sister” which is what the company strives to embody as a collective sisterhood between women in Colombia. The Salento Pillow’s name comes from a colorful town in the Quindio region of Colombia. You can see inspiration from the colored walls, flowers, and eclectic design of the town. 

Banner by Imani Collective – Kenya

Imani Collective started as sixteen women looking for a better way to provide for their families and now they employ over eighty Kenyan women and men. Imani Collective believes in the ability to unleash a woman’s greatness through empowerment, opportunity, and community. 

Rug by Stela 9 – Guatemala

Jess Bercovici, the founder of Stela 9, works with artisan partners throughout Guatemala to preserve culture while creating modern designs. This rug is handwoven by families in Momostenango, Guatemala – one of the last regions in Guatemala that work with wool. All wool is spun from the local sheep farmed in the region and dyed with plants indigenous to the area. 

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