Autumn Prayer Update

Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord?
    Who may stand in his holy place?
The one who has clean hands and a pure heart,
    who does not trust in an idol
    or swear by a false god.
Psalm 24:3-4


  •   We praise the Lord for the reopening of schools. Please pray for provision as parents prepare to pay school fees.
  •   We praise the Lord that we have gotten the needed rain to begin the planting season for farmers (majority of Rwandans).


  • Please ask that when guests are able to safely return to Rwanda, they will choose to be hosted by the artisans for Experience days.
  • We are thankful for some good news about our land purchase plans.  As we wait for final confirmation, we continue to pray for God’s intervention.
  • We are so thankful that a new shipment to the US has safely arrived.
  • We praise the Lord that we are receiving orders.  Please join us in asking for blessing for our new wholesale customers and that God would add to their number.



  • Missing child:  Martha, the  13-year-old daughter of Weaver Natalie, has been missing since August 27th.  Please pray for her safe return home! We’re sorry for not letting you know earlier.





  • Thank you for praying for Innocent, the husband of Priska, a weaver of bowls. Innocent’s cancer surgery went well.  Please pray for complete healing and relief from pain.
  • Aimable, a woodcarver and leader of Inganzo Cooperative, praises God for the provision of a new prosthesis. You can read Aimable’s story on our blog here.


  • We praise God that the reconstruction of a widow’s home is complete!  Thank you to everyone who helped make that possible.


  • We celebrate the re-opening of our adult literacy program!  Please pray that all will go well logistically as students return to COVID-safe classrooms.




  • Please ask for wisdom for the UBI Board of Directors.


  • We praise God that the new beekeepers trained by Beeutiful Creations had their first two big honey harvests this summer!  Please ask for continued blessing on their bees and their work.
  • We ask that God bring increased customers and continued creativity.


  • We praise God for continued good health and protection for our whole team.



  • Please lift up our Azizi Life Studio manager, Chantal, who is expecting a new baby on November 11th.




  • We pray for Eugenie’s brother, having surgery on November 5th to remove old shrapnel from his abdomen.
  • Please ask for healing for the cousin of CEO Jeannine.  He was seriously injured in a recent accident.


  • We praise God for the team blessing of a new member of the Azizi Life Board of Directors and for the addition to our Creative Consultant team.
  • MULTIPLY 2022: We praise God for continued great sales!  Please ask that this holiday season, a multiplication of new website customers will purchase Azizi Life so that we can meet our goal to multiply our US sales 5.29 x in 2020. As we will not be doing most of our in-person Christmas events because of COVID, we ask that God provide for us elsewhere.
  • We praise God that Azizi Life now has a new exclusive distributor in Canada!!  We wish we had time to tell you this God-story.  Please pray for God’s blessing on our new distributor and on our relationship together.  Ask for many fruitful customer relationships in Canada.

By God’s grace, we are flourishing during this challenging time. May you also experience unexpected flourishing.
With love from the Azizi Life Team

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