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From this work, every member of the group has his own house.  We bought land for farming, and some of us have other small businesses. We get basic family needs like food, health insurance, clothes, water, electricity, etc.  We can say that we are living well, and in our community, we are playing a good role by giving them jobs and helping others through advice.

KIIUKA  Cooperative

KIIUKA (Koperative Iteza Imbere Ubukorikori):  Cooperative dedicated to raising the standard of craftsmanship in Kansi

KIIUKA Cooperative is a group of 6 young talented wood carvers. They share their story of becoming Azizi Life artisan partners: “In 2011, a team from Azizi Life came to visit us, checking the products that we made, discussing with us. They explained to us how they work, and they gave us samples of some of their products. After their visit, we strongly decided to become one of their artisan partners.  That is how came to benefit from working with Azizi Life. We have continued to work with Azizi Life and they trained us on new products like spoons, wooden toys, and all different kinds of products.  Prior to working with Azizi Life, we only made bookends and nativity sets.

In terms of money and time, among the products we make, we like crafting measuring cups. But in terms of our feelings, we like crafting nativity sets, which remind us of the birth of Jesus. Working with Azizi Life is our hope; it is making us who we were wishing to be. Jabiro Jean de Dieu

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