Tunozumurimo Cooperative

Let’s improve work! Cooperative

Tuzonumurimo which means “Let’s improve work” is a group of 14 young weavers and 7 women that have in common weaving skills in their hands. Before grouping together to work with Azizi Life, Tunozumurimo members used to work separately, and their income was too low because of lack of ideas, market and experience. For them, selling the quality of products made by law materials found in their community; It is like sharing with the beauty, culture and knowledge of rural Rwandan community.

Alexie Niragire, like most artisans, is also a subsistence farmer. Before joining Tunozumurimo Cooperative, Alexie could not even provide basic necessities for her children. Now, the money Alexie earns from her weaving enables her to buy clothes, food, and soap for her family. She has invested in some chickens, and hopes one day to buy a pig, a key source of fertilizer and nutrition.

I dream of growing in my craft so that I can help whoever needs economic support from me. – Alexie Niragire.

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