Prayer Update – May 2018

Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will rise up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary. Isaiah 40:31


  • The past few weeks have seen huge amounts of rainfall across the nation, and hundreds of people have been badly affected. Houses have collapsed, family members have been lost.  Please pray that the worst of the rain would abate, and that the families who have experienced loss would be able to rebuild their homes and their lives.


  • We praise God for a successful order and shipment to Local and Lejos, and we are also thankful for some special orders coming our way.
  • Unfortunately, Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) are yet to provide our staff medical insurance documents, so we ask for continued prayer that no one gets sick until we are covered.
  • Please continue to pray for one of our artisans, Marie Therese, from the Ingobokarugo cooperative. She is suffering from cancer.  It is with great sadness that we learnt of her husband’s recent death.  Please pray for comfort and strength to carry on for Marie, and that through all of this, she can know the love of God; the God who stood beside Mary as she wept outside Lazarus’ grave, and wept with her; the God of resurrection hope.
  • Please pray for a group of weavers which is currently trying to work through multiple layers of conflict and confusion. Please ask that the truth be known and that the women will have the vision and determination to be channels of God’s grace to one another.
  • We praise God for two of our summer interns scheduled to arrive in Rwanda at the end of May. Please ask for God’s blessing and guidance for a fruitful and uplifting experience with and for Azizi Life.
  • We are thankful for a productive meeting of the Board of Directors recently. Please pray for God’s help in effectively putting into action the necessary steps to help Azizi Life flourish.



  • Please continue to pray for more customers for the Azizi Life Studio.
  • We are about to launch a new experience day: ‘Pottery Day’ please pray it will be popular.



  • We are recruiting new teachers because some who have previously taught are leaving for other jobs. Please pray that we’d be able to find able and motivated teachers.
  • We were struggling to find enough students for one of our classes, but now we praise God that this has been resolved.



  • Please continue to pray for the Design:Rwanda store, that more customers would come.
  • Some of our beekeepers have had property damaged, so the plan is to get together as a group and help rebuild what has been damaged.
  • Please pray for fresh ideas in terms of product development.


Thank you for standing with us in prayer.


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