Prayer Team Update June 2018

‘You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word’ Psalm 119:114



  • Thankfully, it seems that dry season is finally here.  Please pray for all affected by the devastating rains that have ravaged the country over the past few months.  It is estimated by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees that over 115 people were killed and many more injured, and that around 4,560 hectares of crops, 700 domestic animals, and seven churches were washed away in the flooding (New Times, May 2018).  Please remember Nepomuscene in your prayers, an Azizi Life staff member, whose house was badly damaged.


  • We praise God for the arrival of our two summer interns, Elise and Brian, from Palm Beach Atlantic University.  Please ask for the work of God’s Spirit in them as they embrace life in Rwanda, and for strong guidance in their work to optimise our service to artisans and customers in Rwanda and overseas.


  • Please pray for creative development of great new collections of products for the artisans to craft.


  • We praise God for the early success of our new Azizi Life Studio in Kigali, where people can take classes or do drop-in sessions in traditional arts and crafts.  Pray that the Studio will gain an excellent reputation, and that the craft activities will be top of the ‘interesting things to do in Kigali’ list for visitors and residents alike.



  • Please ask for God’s guidance as the Board of Directors sets new one-year and three-year goals.


  • We are thankful for our wholesale customers in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia and New Zealand.  We are delighted that they are purchasing the artisans’ goods for their own customers.  Please ask that each of these businesses, many of them start-ups, would thrive.


  • We praise God for large groups doing the Experience Days.  It will be a busy time as tourist season hits a peak over the coming months.  Please pray that we can give all the visitors a blessed time; that they will have stories to share back home of their time with our amazing artisans.


  • Please pray for UBI at the end of this month, when we will submit the Action Plan and Annual Report.  Pray that we would find a good project and budget for the artisans, beekeepers, and their communities.


  • Please also pray for the open day in Muhanga District, which will be held from the 12th to the 14th June.  UBI is a partner, so please pray that we can help make it a success.


  • We are thankful for another intern, Chloe, from the UK, who is coming to work with us in the Financial Literacy project.  Among other things, she will help to undertake baseline surveys with the artisans and a group of beekeepers.  So far, our staff have been trained to train the artisans, so we need good information to use as a benchmark of progress.  Pray for Chloe as she settles in, and pray that we can gather the information we need to make the Financial Literacy project a useful resource to help our artisan partners in their businesses and family life.



  • Some changes have been made to the set up of one of the major craft fayres that we sell at.  We are taking a financial risk with them, and hope that it pays off.  We usually make decent sales at these craft fayres, and hope and pray that this continues.


  • We are thankful for a good month of sales in the Design:Rwanda shop in Kigali.


  • Pray for the beekeepers that we’re training: that they remain dedicated so that we can finally harvest together.



  • Sean Lawson will soon be flying back to the UK (5th June) for just over a week.  Please pray for a productive trip and safe return to Rwanda, and also for Emma and the children who will remain in Rwanda while Sean is away.


  • We also remember Tom MacGregor, who is currently in the UK with his family. All of them have spent a fair amount of time afflicted with colds and illness, which is not helping them to get the rest they need before returning to Rwanda.  Please pray for better health so that they can enjoy the remainder of their time with family and friends.


  • We celebrate the arrival of Elisabeth’s baby girl, Elyse.  Please pray for continued health for her and Elyse.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer.
From the Azizi Life Team

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