Prayer Team Update April 2018

‘He is not here, for He is risen, just as he said’- Matthew 28:6


  • April marks a time of national mourning and remembrance of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi.  It’s a stark reminder of the pain of the past, but it also throws into sharp relief what Rwanda is today – a beautiful, safe, and peaceful country full of hard-working and enterprising people who are building their nation for the better.  Please pray for continued national unity, healing and reconciliation.
  • The CFTA (Continental Free Trade Area) was recently signed in Kigali.  It basically means that import duties will be massively reduced, which will make it far easier for African countries to trade with one another.  It’s great news for the global economy as Africa has so much to contribute, and it is great news for business start-ups and entrepreneurs in this region.


  • Praise God for the opening of the Azizi Life Studio!  This is a place for Kigali locals and tourists to take art/craft classes, for example Imigongo painting, or do drop-in crafts.  We need your prayers for more customers, and for ideas on how to develop the range of craft experiences that can be done so that customers keep coming back, and bringing their friends!
  • Praise God that we were able to find new staff for the Azizi Life Studio who are motivated and engaged with moving forward with our vision.
  • We thank you for your prayers regarding our corporate income tax for 2017, which went well.


  • Please ask for God’s vision to prevail at the April meeting of our Board of Directors.


  • Please ask for creativity and guidance in soon establishing our product collections for the second half of 2018.
  • We were successful in making Local and Lejos specific colours and product samples, and are expecting to get an order from them soon.
  • Currently, we are unable to provide Medical Insurance because Rwanda Revenue Authority are still delaying us.  Please continue to pray that no one gets sick and that we get the documents as soon as possible.
  • One of our artisans, Marie Therese, from the Ingobokarugo cooperative, is seriously ill with cancer.  Also, her husband is suffering from Hepatitis and high blood pressure.  Please pray for comfort and healing.


  • Please pray for attendance for adult literacy.  We have one class which does not have enough students to move forward.
  • We are thankful however that our two teachers, Beatrice and Claudette, who were sick, are now feeling better.


  • Please continue to pray for the Design:Rwanda store, that we get more customers to ensure that rent and staff salaries are covered over the coming year.
  • Beeutiful Creations has begun the process of legal registration as a limited company!  We are thankful that Rwanda is a country where it is so easy to start a business.  According to the World Bank, Rwanda is the number one place to do business in East Africa!  Please pray that this process goes smoothly.


  • Praise God that Tom’s wife, Ritah, was granted a visa to visit the UK.  Please pray for safe travels for Tom and his family, as well as a time of relaxation and refreshment, as they visit friends and family in the UK during May and June.

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