Meet Rebecca Hart: Designer of the Becka Bella Style Collection for Azizi Life

We are thrilled to announce our latest collection collaboration is with Rebecca Hart, interior designer, lifestyle coach, and blogger (visit Rebecca’s blog, Becka Bella Style).

For me, making homes beautiful isn’t just about the superficial surface aesthetics of beautiful décor as much as it is about creating an environment that nurtures from within. A sanctuary that helps with your mental state and well-being.

Rebecca Hart
Photo provided by Rebecca Hart.

Rebecca is a New Yorker who grew up in the suburbs of Long Island and is currently living on the west coast with her husband. She shares that she has been passionate about creating a beautiful environment ever since she was a child because it was how she found solace and mental peace in an abusive childhood environment. That experience has motivated her to want to help everyone else to create transformative spaces that enhance well-being through an intentional and a conscious approach that is aligned to the individual(s) living in them. 

Rebecca approaches both life and work with honesty, sincerity, and compassion. She considers herself an old soul living in the wrong era, which manifests itself in her love for incorporating vintage objects and antique pieces (every chance she gets) in her designs, in a way that breathes life and adds a layer of depth in any space.

Rebecca doesn’t believe that one has to be rich to live beautifully. That’s why today, she empowers others through coaching on how to optimize their life and create a beautiful lifestyle that makes them happy from the inside.

Meaningful living is so much more than just getting by. It’s about elevating our everyday life by creating and relishing in enjoyable moments that bring us comfort, peace, joy, and contentment – doing things that add a little sparkle to our ordinary days.

Rebecca Hart
Photo provided by Rebecca Hart.

Launching October 19, 2021, the Becka Bella Style Fall 2021 Collection is where Rebecca’s passion for purposeful home decorating and Azizi Life partner woodcarvers’ skills combined to make unique and inspiring home decor.

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