The Light of Inspiration: NEW Beacon of Light Candlesticks

Becka Bella Style Collection designer Rebecca Hart shares the inspiration behind the design.

These beautifully hand-carved wooden tapers from sustainable, gorgeously grained jacaranda wood have a time-worn look that lends the perfect organic texture to your space. Their natural finish, wonderful patina, and elegant shape create a stylish touch on any table, kitchen shelf, sideboard, or mantle! Their multi-toned design suits any décor style.

For me, making homes beautiful isn’t just about the superficial surface aesthetics of beautiful décor as much as it is about creating an environment that nurtures from within. A sanctuary that helps with your mental state and well-being. Simple luxuries like candles are one of those must-have décor accessories that I find do just that. There’s nothing like the power of the flickering warm glow of candlelight that instantly creates a peaceful ambiance, setting a feeling of calm that helps soothe our soul and lifts our spirits.

When Azizi Life pitched me the idea to collaborate on designing a set of candlesticks, I was immediately drawn in because I love, love, love candles! And candlesticks are the first things I reach for when setting a table, whether I’m preparing for a large gathering or for an intimate dinner for date night.

Meaningful living is so much more than just getting by. It’s about elevating our everyday life by creating and relishing in enjoyable moments that bring us comfort, peace, joy, and contentment – doing things that add a little sparkle to our ordinary days. In these dark times, we all can use more joy and more sparkle. That’s why I know these candlesticks that I’ve deemed Beacon of Light will help be a daily reminder that inspires you to add a little sparkle to your life.

The twist detail on the candlesticks adds a refined touch of vintage-inspired charm. Their simple and yet elegant style makes them the perfect accessories to use all the time to elevate the experience of living.

HOW IT’S MADE:  Artisans work with a local craftsman to shape the candlesticks, then carve in the beautiful curves and twist details. The dual-color finish is another part of what makes the Becka Bella Style Collection unique. First, the artisans apply a mahogany color to the twists. They make it shine with a top layer of Kiwi shoe polish! The natural beauty of the wood is brought out on the body of the candlesticks using Azizi Life’s all-natural beeswax polish from Beeutiful Creations.

In this creative process, the woodcarvers of the Inganzo Cooperative invested more than 100 collective hours to bring the detailed design outlines to life. It was an honor to work with these seven craftsmen as they applied their skill and experience (together with plenty of good humor and lots of singing) to create the candlesticks.

It is truly an honor for me and Azizi Life artisan partners to bring you these beautiful and inspiring taper candlesticks to elevate the experience of daily living.

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