Prayer Update – October 2018

‘You crown the year with a beautiful harvest’ – Psalm 65:11


We thank God for a successful and joyful 10-year anniversary celebration party! Hundreds of artisans and Azizi supporters came to celebrate with us with dancing, music, food, speeches and a lovely cake! Thank you for supporting us through prayer, because we wouldn’t be where we are without it!




  • Please pray for the adult literacy students who are doing their exams – it’s exciting to think about how their opportunities will be maximised through literacy!




  • We thank God for a big order of candles from the States, but please pray that enough beeswax can supplied since it is in short supply at the moment. The order will bring a considerable boost in income for the candle-making group.



  • Please pray that more clients would come through for Experience Days, as well as in the Azizi Life Studio; there aren’t as many tourists in Rwanda in this low-season.



  • We have officially launched our new initiative to increase artisan income ten times by 2022!  Please pray for God’s provision for the Multiply Fund.  We have already reached $24,000 of our $50,000 goal!  Please also pray for the Board as we go through the process of engaging someone to work for Azizi Life US beginning in January 2019.


  • Please ask for God’s blessing on our October 6th Board meeting and year-end plans.


  • Christi is preparing to leave for the US at the end of October, spending November in Spokane, WA and Portland, OR and December in Pennsylvania.  Please ask for all the details to come together, and for great opportunities in sales, sharing and fundraising.




  • We praise God for the success of our key customer in the US and the subsequent orders for the artisans!  Please ask for strength for our team as we work to deliver with excellence.


  • An amazing potential order has arisen.  Please ask for God’s guidance in proceeding in the best way.


  • We praise God for a volunteer product designer!  Please pray with us for innovation and great new products for the artisans.  The banana weavers especially need new high-selling products because we are currently not able to give them consistent work.
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