Prayer Update – February 2017

“If your brother sins against you, go to him and show him his fault. But do it privately, just between yourselves.” Mathew 18:15



  • Please praise God that the Rwandan farmers finally got the much needed rain, crops can now be planted and grow.
  • Please pray for families who have students, that they can find the money necessary to pay for school fees and materials as we are in the start of the year.

Ubuzima Bwiza Iwacu

  • We are praising God for the start of our adult literacy program which started on 16th, January.
  • This year we have seen a big growth in the work of the non-profit. Please join us in thanking God and asking him to continue what has been started in all the projects (Bible study, Bee Keeping, Solar Lights, Fuel Efficient stoves, Medical & Educational support and the Adult Literacy program).

Azizi Life Experiences

  • A new Tourism Laws recently came into force. Please pray that the implementation goes smoothly and we are able to meet all the necessary requirements.
  • Please join us in thanking God for all the guests we are receiving, may God bless all of them and, all our Artisan partners.

Azizi Life Crafts & Artisans

  • Please continue to pray for a weaver whose child (Oscar) has a big problem with his bladder which need to have a surgery. Ask for comfort for the family and success of the surgery (scheduled in May this year).
  • We hope to launch our new website in April. Please pray we are able to get everything completed.
  • Christi came back safely from US last month, please praise God for her time there and pray for her as she settles back into work in Rwanda.
  • Please join us in praying for groups conflicts resolution and reconciliation
  • We are searching for new wood carving groups, and we have just started with a new weaving group. Please pray we find great new partners and that we can quickly develop good working relationships with them.
  • This year we are keen to offer a wide range of new products and new designs. Please pray we are able to come up with lots of beautiful and lovely designs for our customers.  If anyone has any suggestion you are welcome to propose some.

Azizi Life Team

  • Please praise God for babies, Tom’s new born, beautiful baby girl (in photo), TONA and Jane’s son, Jabin.
  • Pray for Francine’s pregnancy, please ask for strength and health for her and the baby during her pregnancy and birth.
  • We are looking to expand the number of partner volunteers we work with in the USA and are trying to find the perfect person to help us coordinate those efforts. Please pray we find a wonderful coordinator and loads of new volunteers.



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  1. Christi Whitekettle
    Christi Whitekettle says:

    We are especially praising God for all the new babies in the Azizi Life family!

    And we are happy to share that Francine’s baby boy, Samuel, was born on March 9th.
    Also, Venantie has a new grandson, born on March 8th!

    That means that in the last six months, we have celebrated the births of four Azizi Life staff babies and one grandbaby. And there are still two babies on the way! Aw, and you should see the new artisan babies as well.

    We desire to be raising up a new generation of people who are loving God, loving others, and adding beauty to the world.
    Created for Beautiful Life, indeed.

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