“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”    Matthew 11:28


  • In a few days in the Presidential Elections in Rwanda.  Please pray for peace and stability during this process and for the elected leader as they take the country forward.
  • Although primary and some years of secondary are funded by the government, there are still School fees for the older children and some other costs for the younger ones.  Please pray for all the parents who need to find the money to pay for these.

UBI (Azizi Life Impact Projects)

  • When life gets busy at home or there is an opportunity to get some extra work it means that the students in our adult literacy program can end up missing classes. Please pray the students are able to balance the needs of the family with their need to study and not fall behind.
  • We were able to put a number of new hives into our Training Apiary (Bee Farm) last month, please pray they all fill up with bees.


  • The number of guests continues to grow, please pray for our artisan host, translators and staff as they ensure each visitors has a wonderful experience.  Pray for safety and all the logistics that go into this.
  • We are still working our way through some changes in legislation in Rwanda in the tourism industry and so we still need wisdom from God on how best to proceed.


  • Today our big shipment to the US leaves Rwanda.  Please pray all goes smoothly and there are no delays.
  • Please pray for our wood carving groups.  They are not working well together and we have had a number of delays in products we have ordered.  Help the team get to the bottom of the problems and help all involved come up with a good solution.


  • Sales are growing steadily but we still need more before the business will become self-sustaining.  The hope is that it can cover the costs of its first employee (at the moment Sean, a UK volunteer runs it with the help of Jeannine) within the next few months.  Please pray that we are able to achieve this


  • We are still seeking God’s guidance in planning the end-of-year craft sale season and Christi’s November-December schedule. We know it’s early, but planning has to start now if we want to be ready in time,  We want it to be really fruitful for all the artisans!  If anyone knows of any awesome opportunities for sales or speaking engagements for Christi, please let us know.  She plans to be in Portland, Oregon in early November, and based in Pennsylvania the remainder of the time.


  • Please pray for Pierre’s new baby girl, who was born last month.  Mum and baby are doing well but please pray for continued health and strength for both.

The photo above is from a recent experience day that we took Keza (Tom’s daughter) and Micah (Sean’s son) on.  It was such a fun day!