“Show your greatness in the sky. O God, and your glory over all the earth. Save us by your might; answer my prayer, so that the people you love may be rescued.” 

Psalm 108:5


  • During this month is the renewal of the Mutuelle national medical insurance program.  This means that families need to find the money for their annual premium.  Please pray that every family is able to get covered for the coming year.

UBI (Azizi Life Impact Projects)

  • Last week we had a teacher refresher training for our adult literacy program.  The training went well and it was good to get feedback from the teachers about how the student are progressing.  Please pray for both the teachers and students as they move into the last period of lessons.
  • This month the Board of UBI met to agree on the annual plan and budget for the coming year.  Please pray that we are able to achieve all that was planned and find all the money needed to cover the costs.
  • Our newest Renewable Resource initiative is underway.  We now have a stock of water filters and distribution has started.  Please pray that we are able to clearly communicate the benefit and how best to use these filters to the recipients. Below is a photo of the new water filter being tested out at our office by Athanasie, an artisan who weaves banana leaf purses and headbands with Abibumbye  Cooperative.


  • During June we hosted many guests, in fact more than we have ever had in one month. Please join us in Praising God for this blessing and ask that he continues to help us grow and build on this success. 
  • Most of our facilitating translators are students from the local university who work with us to help to pay towards their studies.  This means that periodically our facilitators move on to full time work with other organisations around Rwanda.  Consequently we now need to find more.  Please pray we find the perfect new group of facilitators to join our team. 
  • Due to some recent changes in legislation in Rwanda in the tourism industry, we need wisdom from God on how best to proceed.


  • During the next month we need to send all the products to the US that will make up our Christmas sales.  The product development team have been working on new colors and designs and the artisans have been working hard to get everything made.  Please pray for all involved and that the shipment goes smoothly.
  • We continue to look for new opportunities and places to sell our crafts in Rwanda and around the world.  Please pray we are able to focus on the right places and maximize our impact for the artisans.   


  • Last month saw some major problems with one leader in the honey and candle dipping cooperative.  We praise God that the group has been able to deal with this issue and move forward.  We are now hopefully that they will continue much stronger than they were before. Please pray that this deceitful leader will submit himself to God’s transformative work.
  • Please join us in praising God that we found a source of some good quality and good value jars and beekeeping equipment.  This will really help the production and sales side of this and also the training at our apiary.


  • Please pray for Gwyneth and her new baby who is en route (due in July)- that both will stay healthy and that the last few weeks and the birth will go smoothly.
  • There are still volunteer opportunities if you are Interested in joining the US team.  Find more information here.
  • We are looking still seeking God’s guidance in planning the end-of-year craft sale season and Christi’s November-December schedule. We know it’s early, but planning has to start now if we want to be ready in time,  We want it to be really fruitful for all the artisans!  If anyone knows of any awesome opportunities for sales or speaking engagements for Christi, please let us know.  She plans to be in Portland, Oregon in early November, and based in Pennsylvania the remainder of the time.


  • Please pray for our Boutique staff in Kigali.  Sometimes they can feel a bit disjointed from the rest of the team.  Pray they will stay engaged in our vision and work and support each other well.
  • Christi is celebrating her 10 year anniversary since she first arrived in Rwanda.  Please pray a massive blessing on her and that her next ten years will be even more wonderful.