“Solomon said, Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, who with his own hands has fulfilled what he promised with his own mouth to my father David”   1 Kings 8:15


  • We praise God for very peaceful Presidential Elections in Rwanda. Please Join us in Praying for Paul Kagame, our elected leader, as he continues to move the country forward.
  • We have just come out of the very long and dusty dry season, with the rains starting a few days ago.  Please pray the rains continue to refresh and revive the land.

UBI (Azizi Life Impact Projects)

  • Our first adult literacy classes are nearing the end.  Over the next few months the revision will start in preparation for the final exam in November. Please pray the students are able to remember all they have learnt.
  • Please join us in praising God that we were able to complete the final steps of registering our Rwandan NGO as we have now appeared in the Official Gazette. Please also pray specifically for Venantie and her team as they leads us forward.


  • Thanks to the continued growth of our experience days, we are nowhiring new facilitators.  Please pray for the whole recruitment process and that we will find the perfect people to add to our existing team.
  • We just participated in the annual conference for the ATA (African Travel Associations).  Please pray we are able to put into practice all we learnt and develop new partnerships from the connections that were made.


  • Over the last 6 months (and particularly in August) we notice a reduction in sales at our Kigali Boutique.  Please pray we are able to identify what the issues are and get the sales back up.
  • Please continue to pray for our wood carving groups.  Some of them are still not working well together.  Please pray we are able to help them resolve the problems that seem to be really are effecting their work and their ability to earn money for their families.
  • Please pray for Belthride (a weaver from Abarikumwe group) and for her husband who is seriously sick with lung cancer.  He needs a miraculous healing.
  • Please continue to pray for Oscar (the son of Primitive, a weaver from Abumurava group) who is recovering after another round of surgery at the end of August.


  •  We have begun the recruitment process for our first part time employee.  Please pray we are able to identify and hire the perfect person.
  • This month is the big harvesting time for Bee Keepers in Rwanda.  Please pray that all our Bee Keepers are blessed with big harvests and that we are able to get enough honey and wax to meet the increasing sales.


  • Please pray for Guy (the wonderful man that helps us with all our US distribution), who is suffering with continual headaches.  Please pray for complete healing.
  • We are still seeking God’s guidance in planning the end-of-year craft sale season and Christi’s November-December schedule. We know it’s early, but planning has to start now if we want to be ready in time,  We want it to be really fruitful for all the artisans!  If anyone knows of any awesome opportunities for sales or speaking engagements for Christi, please let us know.  She plans to be in Portland, Oregon in early November, and based in Pennsylvania the remainder of the time.


  • Sheila (our chief of operations) is on her annual leave.  Please pray she has a wonderful and relaxing time and that the rest of the team in Muhanga will have the energy and skill to cover her work load.
  • Please pray for Jeannine’s Mother in-law who has very serious stage 4 cancer in many parts of her body.
  • Last month was the 10 year anniversary of Tom’s arrival in Rwanda.  Please join us in praising and thanking God for all that has happened in that last decade.