Partnership in Community: Azizi Life CEO Jeannine Featured on the HER with Amena Brown Podcast

In July 2019, Azizi Life CEO Jeannine Umutoniwase sat down with HER podcast host, author, recording artist, and poet Amena Brown over Skype to discuss being a woman of color in leadership. Amena, a repeat Azizi Life Experiences visitor and proud supporter of Rwandan artisans, talks with Jeannine about how her upbringing and her work as a guest house manager prepared her for leading an organization. In discussing her work with Azizi Life, Jeannine talks about the importance of empowering women and the lessons she’s learned as a CEO. We hope you enjoy their conversation about Azizi Life, Rwandan culture, and working with Rwandan artisans. Don’t forget to read or listen all the way through for a special promo code!

Listen to Amena and Jeannine’s HER interview now on iTunes and Stitcher. Read a transcript of the episode at

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