Our Top 5 Questions Answered on Holiday Decorating with Bowls

The Holidays are the perfect excuse to unleash your creative flair.

And when it comes to decorating your Holiday table, it’s a subtle way to show your friends and family your unique style (and homewares!).

But most importantly, there’s something about a beautiful, thoughtful tablescape that makes guests feel treasured, welcomed and at ease – and what could be more special than that?

And while your visitors will likely remember what they saw, it will most likely be more about what they felt.

Our bowls and Ankole Cowhorn Collection will give you a huge head start in that direction.

They hold their own in any setting and what we’ve seen at our pop-up stores, and from customer feedback, is that people are driven to reach for them and experience their amazing finish and shapes.

So be prepared for your guests to get up close and personal with the items you display. We guarantee they will want to gently run their hands inside the contours of a bowl, be a little mesmerized holding a tumbler, or trying to understand the beauty of a pitcher.

Watching people take the time to stop, breathe, and fully comprehend the beauty of the pieces is truly a heart-warming thing, especially at this time of year.

After all, they are each made by skilled women artisans from the other side of the world.

So you have a head start by displaying any (or all) of those pieces, but there are five top questions we get frequently asked about our bowls and the Ankole Cowhorn Collection that will take your Holiday table (and coffee table or shelf) from elegant to extraordinary. 


1. What Color Bowls Should I Choose?

Bowls can add a unique flare to any room, table, shelf or coffee table. They are one of the most versatile items to include in your home. But the question then becomes: which color do I choose? For your Holiday table, place one or two that are neutral in color to avoid it from clashing with other items and keep everything light. Then have fun picking one or two with a pop to set everything off.



2. How Do I Decide Which Bowls Go Together?

Holiday tables can get busy very quickly. Keep your selection of bowls balanced by picking one with a bold pattern or geometric design as your feature piece and then accompany it with a number of other more neutral designs that are smaller in size.



3. How Many Should I Get?

The answer to this question depends on your space and your table centerpiece. Our bowls not only display beautifully on Holiday tables, but also coffee tables, shelves and at your bedside. Once you know how many spaces you would like to feature a bowl (or bowls), you can then work out the arrangement. There really are no wrong answers here.

For example, you might like to display one large feature bowl with an Ankole Cowhorn pitcher inside it on your Holiday table, and a smaller item on your coffee table. Alternatively, you might enjoy four smaller bowls surrounding your table centerpiece.



4. What Sizes Should Go Together?

Arranging bowls is a bit like layering jewelry: a variety of size is key, but be careful not to overdo it with the quantity. If you are wanting to have a feature piece, select that first (usually a larger item) and then complement it with a group of other items all in the same size (usually a smaller size). Alternatively, you can select three pieces of the same size and group them together or display them on a shelf in a line.



5. How Do I Incorporate the Ankole Cowhorn Collection?

How do you not?! The Ankole Cowhorn Collection is truly a tabletop luxury that every person should experience. It’s a one-of-a-kind collection that isn’t sold anywhere else in the world. People fall in love when they get their hands on any of these pieces, and your guests will be no different.

You can stand the Ankole Cowhorn pitcher in one of our large neutral bowls, serve up greens, a salad or some display fruit (fresh not fake) in one of our serving bowls, and then gift each guest the experience of holding a tumbler in hand, set elegantly atop an Ankole Cowhorn coaster.

Make your Holiday table, and in fact your entire home, an expression of your unique and timeless style. Because one-of-a-kind luxury is not about how things look, it’s about the experience that those you love get to enjoy when they are in your company and enjoying your special homewares.



Take a look today at our entire bowls and Ankole Cowhorn Collection and create incredible memories for everyone you welcome through your door.

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