How to Style Our Handmade Ankole Cowhorn Candlesticks

Our goal for everything we create with our artisan partners at Local + Lejos is for it to be timeless, elegant and unique.

It matters to us that our pieces are adaptable regardless of whether it’s Christmas or Easter (or anywhere in-between!).

But styling is not always easy, so we want to share with you our styling tips for one of our newest pieces (we adore these!): Ankole Cowhorn Candlesticks.



How to style our candlesticks for the now & beyond


Our Artisan partners in the Wakiso District of Uganda do an incredible job of handpicking only the highest quality horns for these timeless candlesticks (taken only as a by-product after the cow has been used for meat).


Each piece is cut, cleaned, heated, molded and hand-finished by their skilled hands and since each horn is incredibly different, no two pieces are the same.


So no more having your beautiful homewares boxed up until they’re ‘appropriate.’ Here are some ways you can ensure they can be enjoyed at any time and in multiple settings.


1. Go simple and minimal

Less is more as these unique pieces really hold their own. Whether you choose to feature them at your bedside, on a table or atop a shelf, allow them to do all the work.


Here’s some inspiration on how to incorporate these in your home:



 In your bedroom – keep the tones neutral, place them on a side table and let them bounce off a pop of color like one of our Lumbar Pillows. With the neutral tones of the candlesticks, a little goes a long way.



On a table – keep things simple and uncluttered with a selection of 2-3 candlesticks. Then pick another item with a contrasting design to appear effortlessly chic.

Featured on a shelf – have some fun, play with some patterns to compliment, mix and match with your other minimal decor, and choose a couple of candlesticks of different heights for visual depth. Be sure to allow some whitespace between the other grouped items you select for your shelf and while we recommend keeping the tonnes fairly neutral, don’t be afraid to play with patterns.



2. Layer them up & add your favorite greenery

With a simple, minimal, and uncluttered approach in mind, you can then think about adding something natural like your favorite greenery. Some gorgeous natives or flowers straight from your garden (or the neighbors!) go well.


Our Cowhorn Candlesticks add such a simple and natural ambiance while bringing a handmade feel to your home. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


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