How to Spice Up Your Favorite Holiday Drink

There might be a chill in the air, and maybe even snow on the ground, but none of that matters while you sit snuggled up indoors with a warm, steaming drink in hand!

But we’re not talking any ol’ drink, nor would we drink with any ol’ tumbler in hand.

The Holidays is such a fun time of year, and so we decided to have some fun experimenting with recipes that will add some spice (quite literally!) to your steaming hot cocoa!

But before you start raiding your cupboard for ingredients, first let’s talk about how to inject some class and timeless elegance into the whole experience…


Finding the Perfect Cup of Hot Cocoa

But of course, although it’s completely delicious, it’s not entirely about the cocoa! As with anything in life, it’s the way something makes you feel that matters.

It’s about the moment you bring that warm cocoa to your lips, close your eyes, breathe in its scent, notice the warmth of the steam gently wafting upwards, feel the smooth, elegant, and warm tumbler in your hand….and finally take a sip (one of many – we might as well draw this divine moment out!).

And the fact is: our Ankole Cowhorn tumblers and coasters are rare and perfect for the job.

They are designed to create long-lasting holiday memories.

Because we know you adore thoughtful, meaningful homewares with a story. And we know you love handmade artisan products.

And when you pour something as synonymous with Christmas as hot cocoa into your dark Ankole Cowhorn tumbler, you’re likely pouring a warm glass for a loved one, too.

So, by combining unique tumblers with unique hot cocoa recipes; you are well on your way to making this Holiday a memorable one!

Cocoa Recipes With a Twist!

Ready to spice up your cocoa this Holiday?

Each recipe has no more than four ingredients and will take less than ten minutes to make. 

1. Peppermint Cocoa

1 x slice of peppermint

1 x marshmallow

1 x 20g of chocolate buttons



      2. Cinnamon Spice Cocoa

      1 x stick of cinnamon

      1 x marshmallow

      1 x pinch of cayenne pepper



        3. Orange Cocoa

        1 x slice of coconut dark chocolate

        1 x slice of orange

        1 x tsp sugar

          Be sure to take a look today at our entire Ankole Cowhorn Collection and create incredible memories for everyone you welcome past your door!

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