Introducing, The Blush Collection

Pieces from the Blush Collection sitting on a tan background with bright yellow lemons surrounding the bowls and flat circles and flat ovals.


With the freshness of spring, and just in time for Mother’s Day, we are *beyond* excited to share these very special pieces with you. From Rwanda to you, welcome to the Blush Collection.


Introducing, Flats

The flat collection circles sitting on top of each other on a grey background 

Popular on bowl walls to create dimension, and often used as focal points for a statement on the perfect space on your wall, our handmade flat circles made of sisal come in 3 sizes: 14″, 18″ and 22″.


The Zuba Flat Circle on a grey background. Model holding the Zuba flat circle.

Zuba Flat 14″ Blush


 Model holding flat Zera circle.

Zera Flat 22″ Blush



Overhead shot of the 18" Zera flat in white.Model holding the Zera 18" flat circle

Zera Flat 18″ White 


 Model holding flat Zera 14" circle.

Zera Flat 14″ Blush


 Model holding flat Koro circle.

Koro Flat 18″ in Tea


Model holding the Staccato 22" blush flat.

 Staccato Flat 22″ Blush



 Model holding the 14" Staccato flat circle

Staccato Flat 14″ Blush


 Model holding the Akaneri Flat 22" circle

Neri Flat 22″ Blush


 Modeling holding the 18" Akaneri flat circle

Neri Flat 18″ Blush


Introducing, Ovals


Tea Oval



Aura Oval Blush



Aura Oval White


Introducing Blush Bowls

Our bestselling designs, now in blush.



Zuba Bowl 12″ in Blush



Zera Bowl 12″ in Blush



Staccato Bowl 12″ in Blush



Aura Bowl 12″ in Blush



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