We’ve Got Pillow Envy From These Real Life Customer Snaps

These are bestsellers for a reason. Handwoven by female artisans in Southern Mexico, our Lumbar Pillows are inspired by their native tribe but designed to complement the modern home. Even so, there’s nothing like seeing how real life customers have taken these beauties and made them their own, whether to level-up the coziness of a bedroom, as a cute benchwarmer or for some outdoor luxury. Here are some of our favorites:


This little one is taking adorable to the whole next level & giving our lumbar pillows a run for their money!


Now this looks like a good night’s sleep if we ever saw one.


Stripes on stripes and comfort simplicity at its finest. Yes, please!


Saturday’s are for bringing the indoors out, sitting peacefully, and savoring the beauty in your midst.


Adding the perfect amount of texture, one bedroom at a time.


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