Guatemala: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

A few weeks ago, I ventured back to Guatemala for some quality time with our lovely artisan friends. We brought fellow social entrepreneur and girl boss Jess Puccinelli of Haute Hope with us, so that she could get a real inside look on the work we do. It was a whirlwind of a trip: we learned how to back strap weave (ok, we tried to learn!), we met with fellow #girlbosses Ketzali Accessories and Luna Zorro to brainstorm on what impact really means, and we ate all the black beans. On our way home, Jess reflected on what a journey it was to actually get face-to-face with our artisans. Because it had become second nature to us, it took someone else calling it out for us to realize what a trip it really is! So, we decided to show you exactly what we need to do to get you the handwoven serape blanket or pillow of your dreams.

The Presidential Election was taking place the day after we arrived, so to avoid being stuck in any protests, we quickly jetted from Guatemala City to our next destination, Antigua. 

We wandered the streets of Antigua for a few hours, stumbling upon all sorts of color inspiration.


And then, we were off again!

 We found cover from the rain until it subsided enough to head to the docks of Panajachel to catch a boat ride to our accommodations.  I promised Jess that being in a metal boat during a lightening storm was totally safe. I acted cool and stayed calm. At the time, the lake looked like this: 

And on a good day, it should look like this:

 We woke up the next day, and Lake Atitlan showed us everything she is capable of being. Pure, unfiltered beauty.

The end was near! A short walk through the town, and we would finally arrive to see the Weavers of San Juan.

The long journey was worth it, for several reasons, one of which was the delicious meal waiting for us at the end. 




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