Easy House Plant Tips: The Sill

We love having all kinds of plants and greens scattered around Local + Lejos HQ. From an interiors perspective, plants help create a more inviting and well designed space. But, as we recently learned from our friends at The Sill, they also double as natural air filters, helping to rid your space of toxins and fill it with cleaner air!

The Sill was created a little over three years ago with a simple ambition to inspire people to bring more of the outdoors in. Their mission is to make the experience of discovering the perfect plants as wonderful as the plants themselves! They are the source that bridges the gap between plants and people – offering products and services that fit with your personal style, your lifestyle, and your budget. 

Because the fall and winter seasons bring less time outside and less natural sunlight, its more important than ever to fill your space with some plants. So, we’ve teamed up with The Sill for a little giveaway!

But first, a few questions for the experts:


How do you incorporate plants into your office space? 

Plants are a HUGE part of our workspace given the nature of our business! Our NJ headquarters is somewhat of an indoor greenhouse – with rows and rows of wonderful plants from the growers we work with down in Florida – while our small but mighty corner shop in NYC is equally packed with plants and has become it’s own little urban jungle. 

A large part of our business is outfitting other offices with plants and maintaining them. We approach that in the same way as we approach a single plant pick: first we access the lighting. From there, we work with the client on what they’re looking for aesthetically and if they’re hoping for any added “benefits”. For example –the Sansevieria, more commonly known as the Snake Plant, is known for filtering out indoor air-toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene & toluene. 


We love how our Sisal Peace Basket pairs up with your products! What plants work best with it?

Two wonderful things about the Sisal Peace Planter are its size and its versatility. The dimensions of the basket make it perfect for dropping a 4” nursery pot in to – a common size for tabletop houseplants. For a spot that receives bright, direct sunlight, we’ve paired the Sisal Peace Planter with a prickly Cactus. For a spot that receives bright, indirect sunlight, we’ve swapped the Cactus for an Echeveria Succulent. And for those shadier spaces that receive moderate to low, indirect sunlight, we’ve dropped in a fun trailing Golden Pothos. Other great low-light picks? Try a Snake Plant, ZZ Plant, or Philodendron. 

What is the best way to take care of said plants? 

For us – the most important part of care is light. Picking your plant based on the light your space receives is an almost no-fail way to ensuring a long happy and healthy life for your houseplant. Post-pick, it is important to be familiar with the type of plant you choose and how much water it needs. Remember it is usually always better to under water than over water your houseplants. You can always add more water to the plant’s potting soil – but it’s way more difficult to subtract it.

Cactus Care

Light – Bright, direct sunlight. Water – Occasionally; 1x monthly


Succulent Care

Light – Bright, semi-direct sunlight. Water – Occasionally; 2x monthly


Pothos Care

Light – Moderate to low, indirect sunlight. Water – Regularly; 3x monthly


What do you think the best “intro to plants” plant is for someone with a busy schedule? 

A Snake Plant – hands down. Not only are these fellas insanely easy to care for (they can go weeks without a watering!) they can also tolerate pretty much any light level – even that artificial office light. And did we mention they filter out indoor air toxins and have the highest conversion rate of carbon dioxide to oxygen? They’re hardy multi-taskers. 

Now that you’ve got all the tools to successfully keep plants alive, enter to win a bright-light or low-light easy-care houseplant from The Sill paired with one of our Sisal Peace Baskets.


(It only takes a minute!)

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