A Home With Intention: Kirsten Grove

Kirsten is the brains behind Simply Grove, a stunning blog that we often peek over to for inspiration. Kirsten’s taste is impeccable, and Simply Grove is a curation of all things she finds beautiful in the world of interiors. She also provides spot on guidance to help you achieve new looks in your home. That gallery wall you’ve been dying to create? Kirsten will help steer you in the right direction. 


What started your journey into the world of interiors?

Since I was 9, my love for interiors became real. I’d drive my mom crazy because I would constantly be moving around all my furniture. I created zones in my room that helped me keep my mind organized. That’s where it all began. In 2007 I began my blog, it was a way to get my thoughts and ideas out to my friends. I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit intimidating at first because blogging was such a foreign thought to me at the time but I quickly fell in love with the community. It’s such big part of me now and one of my favorite parts on the interior world. 


 What keeps you inspired?

For sure traveling! Seeing new places around the world makes my mind go crazy with ideas. I jot things down everywhere I go! I love being inspired by the world we live in.


What career advice would you give to 18 year old Kirsten?

Best advice I would give is find what you love and stick to you. Don’t quit under any circumstance and don’t let anyone tell you your idea sucks. Be true to what you love.

Photo Credit: Sara K Byrnes

What advice would you give to women about balancing work & having children?

Well first of all it is totally possible. Biggest advice I can give is stick to a schedule and be consistent with it. In the early years don’t be afraid of mixing work and family. You don’t have to compartmentalize every single part of your life. For example: when both the kids were younger I’d put them down for naps and work for hours, it’d be my personal mommy time. As much as we love seeing our children follow their dreams kids equally love seeing their parents follow their dreams. My kids are my biggest fans.


Do you have a motivational mantra for those work days that seem impossible?

Oh yes, I have one word for you COFFEE! Pretty much sums it all. The days that seem impossible I drink a plethora of coffee.


What is important to you in styling a home?

I love keeping my clients happy. So going in, I make sure to stay true to their aesthetic and personality with a hint of my knowledge and creativity.


Can you share some insight into your creative process?

You know when you lay your head on your pillow late at night and your mind starts going crazy with ideas?? Well, I take those ideas and apply them to my life. I jot everything down, even if it seems absurd! Some insanity ideas mixed with sanity makes magic.


Your newly redone studio space is stunning. For those on a budget, what would you say is the most important aspect to creating an inspiring work space?

I’d say utilize what you have to it’s fullest potential. It’s amazing the things you can find around your home! Also mixing new with old. Not every piece has to be super spendy and new. Visit some local vintage shops to incorporate some mid-century pieces. 


What is your favorite new interiors trend?

My latest obsession has been vintage portrait profiles. I love the uniqueness of them, not one is the same. My favorite finds have consisted anywhere from the 1800’s-1960’s. I love mixing these new art pieces.

Photo Credit: Sara K Byrnes


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