Experience Culture Through Clothing

Ethical and sustainable fashion brands allow us to experience cultures through clothing without having to travel…perfect for 2020! You can travel the world through what you wear, and support brands that work with artisan partners globally. Today on the blog we share two completed looks from some of our favorite brands, and how to style their pieces with the newest Azizi Life earrings!

The first look starts in India with Tribe Alive

Tribe Alive is a company built by women for women. Founder Carly Burson started Tribe Alive to provide dignified work for women and to equally honor both the earth and the maker. They partner with artisans throughout Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Peru, and India. 

We then travel to Peru with Nisolo

Nisolo not only believes in having intentionally designed and fairly priced shoes, but they also believe in honoring both the producer and the planet as much as the end consumer. Through owning their own factory in Trujillo, Peru, Nisolo is able to ensure a living and dignified wage is provided to their artisan partners.  

Next, let’s explore Madagascar with The Little Market

The Little Market is a nonprofit Fair Trade shop that ethically sources from artisan groups and social enterprises in underserved communities. They are dedicated to the economic self-sufficiency of women worldwide through dignified income opportunities. One of their cooperative partners is, Razafindrabe Collections in Madagascar, who handcrafts each Round Raffia Tote. Each tote is made with Raffia, a palm tree native to tropical Africa. The raffia strands are dyed using natural powders, then dipped in boiling water to treat the dye, and finally handwoven into the finished product. 

We can finish our look in Rwanda with Azizi Life

Azizi Life is more than a business; our vision is to participate in local initiatives for the development of Rwandan communities. Each partnering artisan cooperatives specializes in handcrafting products using specific techniques and raw materials. Our sisal earrings are made by the Abarikumwe Association, which specializes in weaving jewelry from natural sisal fibers.

The second look starts in Guatemala with Stela 9

Jess Bercovici, the founder of Stela 9, works with artisan partners throughout Guatemala to preserve culture while creating modern, wearable pieces. The Tulum Dress is handwoven on a foot loom with 100% cotton, it is made from the traditional ikat or jaspe style of binding skeins of thread with thread to create a resist for the dye. 

Next, let’s go to India with Sseko Designs

Founder Liz Bohannon started Sseko Designs to enable high potential, talented young women in Uganda to continue to university. They believe in bridging the gap by creating an environment of dignity, honor, and dedication. Sseko Designs has now expanded its artisan partnerships across the globe and work in Uganda, India, Ethiopia, Peru, and Kenya.

Now to Ethiopia with Noonday Collections

Noonday Collection designs and sells jewelry and accessories made by artisans across the globe. They desire to work in places where people are vulnerable for various reasons and to make an impact in those communities by building long-term partnerships with Artisan Business to create dignified work. They currently handcraft artisan goods in East Asia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, Uganda, and Vietnam. Today we feature their leather bags crafted in Ethiopia.

Lastly, we travel to Rwanda with Azizi Life

The women who weave our signature earrings use natural sisal fibers and age-old basket weaving techniques to create a one-of-a-kind piece. These women are from the Abarikumwe Association – their name meaning ‘people who are together’. Over the past ten years, this group of women has grown in strength and determination.  Weaving together once a week, the women have exchanged skills and generated creative ideas for designing new products, managing daily stresses, and reaching out to their community.

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