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We hope that in the future,  every member will own her own home with running water and electricity.

Duteraninkunga Cooperative

Let’s Help Each Other Cooperative

Duteraninkunga Cooperative [Doo ‘Ter Ah Ning ‘Hunga] was formed in 2012 by women who were members of a community savings & loan group.  They found that a number of the women knew how to weave, and those weavers taught other women from the group.  Together, they found some places to sell their woven bowls, but struggled with inconsistent sales.  After meeting the Azizi Life team, the weavers of Duteraninkunga formalized their group and became a new artisan partner of Azizi Life.  They were happy to find that the fair wage payment offered by Azizi Life was significantly more than what other customers normally paid.  This income has enabled the weavers to be able to afford to go to the doctor when someone in their family was ill, and to have more resources for sending their children to school.

Several weavers from Duteraninkunga have become custom sampling specialists, and others excel at crafting baskets which are larger than most weavers have ever made in their whole lives!

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