Meet the artisans below! Find out which artisan made your craft on the tag included with each product.

Francine digs clay from the valley and uses traditional potting and firing techniques, which yields a black, rust and tan finish to her products.

Francine Mukamabano

Francine Mukamabano is a skilled potter who comes from a family of potters, in a community of potters in Muhanga District, Rwanda.  Azizi Life began purchasing pottery from Francine and her husband Eric in the first days of our work with artisans.  Eric was a determined sales person, learning more English so that  he could communicate with a  broader range of customers.  Francine and Eric built a home and were raising their young four sons with their income from pottery.  Sadly, in 2016, Eric passed away- he was in his late 30s.

Francine now carries on her pottery work with even more determination.  Our team is working to introduce new pottery products to our collections so that we can partner with Francine as she supports her sons.  Her candle holders and piggy banks (we love these!) can be purchased at our boutiques in Rwanda.

Traditionally-made pottery, sold in Rwanda