Azizi Life Neutral + Natural Holiday Decor: Your Sustainable Christmas

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, is around the corner. Unfortunately, it can also be the most unsustainable time of the year. From the tree you purchase, to the food you eat, to the presents you give, they can all have a positive or negative impact. Small changes to our holiday celebrations can change our understanding of sustainability and the future of the homeware industry for the good.

Azizi Life’s 2021 Neutral + Natural Holiday Decor collection aims to help you become a little greener and more sustainable this Christmas. From artisans in rural Rwanda to your home this Christmas, we’ve curated pieces featuring natural tones and textures to allow for easy addition to any décor scheme.

PHOTO: A Christmas tree decorated with sisal and wooden décor from Azizi Life, sitting next to a chair with a throw pillow and blanket.

White Woven Ball Ornament

NEW: White Woven Ball Ornament

The White Woven Ball Ornament is the cousin of the colorful Striped Woven Ball Ornament. If you’re looking to add pops of white to your tree, then this completely natural Christmas ball ornament is for you. TIP: Best if styled in odd-numbered quantities.

How It’s Sustainable: Made from undyed natural sisal fibers and traditional weaving methods, these have been uniquely crafted by expert weavers in rural Rwanda. Sisal is stripped from the leaves of the agave while the plant is left to thrive and produce more leaves.

PHOTO: Artisan holding the White Woven Ball Ornament she wove.

Mini Bird Trio Ornament Gift Set

NEW: Mini Bird Ornament Trio Gift Set

If good things come in pairs, then great things come in threes! We’ve taken our best-selling Hand Carved Bird Ornaments, shrunk them a bit, and cozied three of them into a sisal nest, wrapped in a woven banana leaf box – ready for gifting! The Mini Bird Trio Ornament Gift Set is topped off with a ribbon and box lining made of upcycled kitenge African style fabric.

How It’s Sustainable: The Jacaranda tree from which the birds are carved is a fast-growing tree that regrows after it has been cut. The banana fibers are harvested without damaging the tree – one of Rwanda’s staple fruit trees. And the fabric lining is upcycled remnant fabric from local seamstresses!

Neutral + Natural Holiday Decor Bundle

NEW: Neutral + Natural Holiday Decor Bundle featured on a Christmas tree.

Monochrome color schemes pop with varying textures. The Neutral + Natural Holiday Decor Bundle features wood and sisal materials and includes three White Woven Balls, two Pure Tassel Garlands, and three of our best-selling white Hand Carved Bird Ornaments. Combine multiple bundles to create a completely sustainably and ethically made decorated tree, or simply choose one to add a touch of white and natural texture to your favorite Christmas tree flocking.

How It’s Sustainable: Artisan-made products are crafted by artisans at their rural homes, outside of factory environments. Each item featured here used zero fossil fuels to create, while also using local materials that regenerate naturally.

Hand Carved Gorilla and Nativity Hut Ornament in Beeswax Finish

PHOTO: Hand carved Nativity Hut Ornament and Gorilla Ornament on tree.

The Nativity Hut Ornament in Beeswax Finish is the miniature version of our Nativity Hut and is a unique artisan interpretation of the holy family. TIP: Nativity Hut Ornaments come in two finishes and are a great gift idea for the person who has everything!

Our Hand Carved Gorilla Ornament is a reminder of one of Rwanda’s unique treasures – the mountain gorillas that live along the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The details of the gorilla’s fur and face are hand etched with a simple knife by woodcarvers across Rwanda. We’ve re-released the gorillas in time for the holidays to celebrate a new partnership with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Read more about the partnership in our last blog post.

How It’s Sustainable: Most of Azizi Life’s hand carved items are produced from wood from the Jacaranda tree, a tree that continues to grow and flourish after its wood is harvested.

No matter how you decorate your home for the holidays, what is most important is the space we create to welcome loved ones and new friends to celebrate generosity, gratitude, and grace. Adding artisan-made details, like Azizi Life décor, allows you to open your home to communities across the world.

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