Why we still need a Fashion Revolution

April 19 – 25 is Fashion Revolution Week – a time to join like-minded brands in raising awareness as part of a global movement. The Rana Plaza factory tragedy on April 24, 2013 brought worldwide attention to the unsafe working conditions for many people making the goods we purchase everyday. This movement encourages us – from brands – to makers – to consumers – to learn more about the supply chain and the people behind the products. Fashion Revolution Week may start today, but we believe this is an everyday awareness. We hope you look beyond the products you purchase and look at the lives of the people who make them. We hope you will continue to raise your voice, to ask yourself “who made this” and support brands who put people first. At Azizi Life, we are proud to be a part of the Fair Trade Federation. We are committed to the well-being of our artisan partners, to sharing their stories with you and to honor the time and love poured into each piece.


with what you purchase and who you support

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