Whiskey Business

Nothing rings in the holidays, or the New Year, like a good cocktail. If you need a little refreshing drink for party guests to sip on, we have two tasty whiskey drinks that will leave them guessing why they have never had one before. Start off the holiday season cheering to good times and the end of 2016!


Maple Syrup Old-Fashioned

2 oz. Bourbon Whiskey
1/4 oz. maple syrup
Lemon or Orange twist

Mix whiskey, maple syrup, and bitter. Stir or shake over ice. 
Pour into glasses with a little ice. Add the twist.



1.5 ox. Rye Whiskey
.75 oz. Campari
.75 oz. Sweet Vermouth

Stir ingredients with ice, then pour into a glass with ice.
Garnish with orange twist.

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