Decorating the Table for the Holidays

While this time of year can be hectic as you race from store to store searching for the perfect gift, it is also welcomed by gatherings of family and friends. As the month of December continues on, chances are you might be hosting a party or two. Even if there are different guests, it is fun to change up the decorations and how you present the food. The best thing about that? You don’t have to buy 3 different plating sets, tons of napkins and more cups than you can count. All you have to do is get creative with what you have and set it out differently.  


One easy way to change the presentation of a tablescape is the napkins! Whether you have the same ones or a few different sets, switch out colors and patterns, with our Pali or Senna Set. Traditionally fold them under the silverware, creatively stuff them into a cup or glass, or neatly tuck one under each plate. 


Depending on what food you are serving, you might need different table settings. If you opt for buffet style, stack some dishes by the spread. But if you choose a sit down meal, pass some apps to serve on the Ankole Cowhorn Appetizer Plates before heading into the first course. 


There’s no better way to impress your guests with a complimentary drink to sip on for the evening. Serve up a tasty cocktail to prelude the meal in our Ankole Cowhorn Tumblers or pour an after dinner drink in our Ankole Cowhorn Pitcher to finish off the meal in style.  

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