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This was the best day of my life.  And I don’t think that will change for the rest of my life.

Twivanemubukene Cooperative

We Come Out of Poverty Cooperative

The Twivanemubukene Cooperative began in April 2007 with 15 members. These women – neighbors and members of the same parish – chose to come together in order to fight poverty and to share skills in handicrafts. Many group members are widows who had been struggling to care for their families. They are united by their faith and determination, looking past differences of age or ethnic group.

Today, the women of Twivanembukene specialize in making photo frames and placemats from banana leaf and palm leaf. They also craft Banana Panel Cubes. The majority of the crafting work is done by each member in her home. But every Monday and Friday afternoon, the cooperative gathers to work together, practicing their skills and, most importantly, encouraging, teaching and coaching one another. They discuss issues such as family planning and they sing and pray together. Each week the members make a small contribution to the group, which is used to benefit the members.  They have also been able to purchase solar lamps and stoves that use less firewood through an Azizi Life microcredit plan.

In addition to their craft, the women from Twivanemubukene also share their lives with visitors through Azizi Life Experience days.   After a day-long visit, one guest shared, “This has been the best day of my life.  And I don’t think that will change for the rest of my life.”

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