Serape Blankets for Any Summer Activity

Summer is officially here! Which means impromptu trips to the beach, hiking days, and long weekends are all in the horizon. There isn’t a better time to be ready for the endless opportunities and fun activities than now with the essentials for any of the above. We know you’ve got a water bottle, sunscreen, hiking shoes… but you might be forgetting one of the most important things – a Serape Blanket! 

Have you ever showed up to the beach or a picnic and you didn’t have a big enough blanket to get a tan or spread the food? That will never be a complaint with a Serape Blanket. Unfold the blanket for your next lazy day on the sand or wrap up in it at a bonfire. Either way, these blankets are one accessory you will always want in tow for any summer activity. 

Where would you take a Serape Blanket?

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