3 Tips for a Beach Picnic

Sunset. Waves. Sand. Everyone loves the beach and summertime is the perfect time to host a beach picnic as the sun goes down over the water. After a long day soaking up the sun, what better way to end the day than gathering your closest friends, sipping some fun drinks, and laughing over snacks and apps! With the right setup in tow, no one will want to leave and your picnic just might turn into an all night event. Here are three tips we have for you that will make your picnic the talked about beach bash of the summer. 

1. Lay the foundation

As much as we love the beach, no one wants to be sitting in the sand! Grab a Serape Blanket (or two) and spread them out for everyone to sit on. A bigger blanket is better than small towels that eventually fold up with sand. A few pillows make it comfortable for anyone sitting on the ground too! 

2. Set the stage

The table is your stage! We grabbed a wooden palate making it easy to elevate the dinner table while still achieving that relaxed, casual look. From here decorate with a blanket, table runner, or table linens before plate, cups and food.

3. Grab the serving ware

Whether it’s chips in a bowl or a tray for the pitcher of sangria, you won’t want to be caught without impressive serving ware. Our bowls and trays are just what you need to serve up all the goods!

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