Spring 2021 Prayer Update

He hears us whenever we ask him; and since we know this is true, we know also that he gives us what we ask from him.
1John 5:14 (GNT)


  • We are thankful that Rwanda has begun the COVID-19 vaccination process.
  • April 7th marks the beginning of the memorial period, during which we remember Rwandan Tutsi killed during the genocide in 1994.  Please pray for strength.


  • We are thankful for several large orders which have enabled us to multiply employment for our artisan partners. We have also provided jobs for 350 new people who are weaving trivets for a super-order.

  • This quarter, we have purchased more than 2 TONS of products from the artisans (not including the super-order)!  This is our largest shipment ever. Please ask for blessing for all the customers who have made this possible.  

  • Please pray for favor in our bid to coordinate artisan-centered activities and facilities at a high-profile visitor’s center.


  • We are thankful that weaver Grace has recovered from an issue with her lungs.
  • Please pray for the families of two new weaving partners from the super-order.  One weaver has passed away and another lost her child.  We mourn with them.  
  • Weaver Nathalie still has not found her young teenage daughter, Martha, though Nathalie keeps getting word that others have spotted her.  Please continue to pray.


  • We praise the Lord that the Adult Literacy program celebrated another 374 graduates through a series of graduation ceremonies, one of which was in the local prison.  In total, 1012 people have now learned to read and write!
  • We are praying for 791 literacy students who are scheduled to graduate in June 2021.  Please ask for God’s provision of Bibles for the graduation gifts.
  • We pray for our 2021- 2022 action plan.  May God guide us in all of our activities.


  • We praise God that our HUGE order has come through and our team is working to fulfill it.  Please pray that we will be able to source the 6-7 tons of beeswax needed to fulfill the order on time.


  • We praise God that Sheila, our COO, is expecting a baby!  Please pray for protection and strength, as there are complications in the pregnancy.
  • Please ask for God’s blessing, creativity, and strength as our staff scales up to match the new opportunities before us.


  • Please ask that God would add people of diverse voices and gifts to our Board of Directors.
  • MULTIPLY 2022: Join us in asking for God’s blessing on an increasing number of wholesale customers offering Azizi Life products to their communities.

Celebrating AMAZING multiplication of artisan income!!
With love from the Azizi Life Team

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