Praise be to the Lord God, the God of Israel, who alone does marvelous deeds.
Praise to his glorious name forever; may the whole earth be filled with his glory.
Psalm 72:18-19


  • We praise God for rain!  It is wonderfully refreshing for the farmers to now be able to begin a new season of cultivation and hope for a fruitful harvest for their families.  Please lift up those struggling to find seeds for planting.

UBI (Azizi Life Impact Projects)

  • We praise God that our adult literacy students are coming to the end of their year of learning.  Please ask for God’s blessing over the final examinations and closure, and for the students to move forward as confident readers and writers.  Please also ask for God’s provision for the remaining $2000 needed to run our 2018 adult literacy program.


  • We are celebrating our newly-hired facilitators for the Experience days.  Please ask for God’s blessing on them as they learn the job, and as they experience the challenges of English language, cross-cultural communication, on-the-spot decision making and problem solving.


  • Thank you for praying for the woodcarving groups.  We are thankful to have received a very large order for wood-carved products.  Please ask for God’s help so that each carver can work up to the necessary quality level to succeed in this order.
  • Please also pray for our team as we manage the large wooden product order and its many (good) challenges.  If we succeed, it will hopefully open many doors for the artisans.
  • We are working to co-create a high-end product for a UK customer.  If we succeed, the order will be large and hopefully ongoing.  It would enable us to serve a new group of artisans.  We could use God’s help to overcome the final hurdles to win the order.
  • Please pray for Belthride (a weaver from Abarikumwe group) and for her husband who is seriously sick with lung cancer.  He needs a miraculous healing, or grace for a peaceful end of life.
  • Please continue to pray for little Oscar (the son of Primitive, a weaver from Abumurava group) who has recovered from part two of his surgery and is now waiting for his third surgical procedure.
  • One of the weaving groups is working on resolving a conflict wherein they believe they have discovered that their young, charismatic group president has been mismanaging the group funds.  Please pray for God’s light to shine, and that the group will know how to proceed, and have the power to forgive.  Please pray for change for the [former] group president.
  • We are excited about hosting artisan representatives at our annual Artisan Council meeting on October 24th.  Please ask for the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit as we plan, gather, problem-solve, generate ideas, and discuss how to move forward successfully together.


  • We are in the process of hiring a new member of staff to assist with UBI and Beeutiful Creations.  Please ask for God’s discernment during the interviews on October 9th and the new staff selection.
  • We praise God for increased sales last month, which will translate into more future income for the beekeepers and candle makers.
  • Our model bee farm is up and running and we are praying for a good harvest for the new beekeepers.
  • We celebrate a recent training of a group of young candlemakers from northern Rwanda.  Please ask for God’s help for the group to work together to apply what they have learned so that they can successfully accomplish the trial order we have given them.


  • Our US Board of Directors is planning a series of promotions and campaigns to encourage both sales and giving in November and December.  Please ask that we can effectively carry out these plans and for very fruitful engagement from our community of friends and customers (and their friends too!).
  • Please continue to lift Christi up as she finalizes her plans for a great selling and sharing season in the US.  She really needs direction and focus to be able to succeed.  Please also pray for open doors at churches who will welcome Christi to share and sell Azizi Life to serve their congregations as well as the artisans.
  • We need God’s guidance to find a Volunteer Coordinator and a new team of volunteers for Azizi Life’s US work.
  • Let’s continue to ask for God’s supernatural healing for one Azizi Life team member and one dear customer.


  • We praise God that Sheila is back from her annual leave!  Please ask for strength for her re-entry and focus for leading through the end of the year.
  • We are sad to share that Jeannine’s mother in law passed away in late September.  Please pray for comfort for their family.
  • Please ask for good fruit for Tom’s connections in the UK.