For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”                                                     

1 Corinthians 1:18


  • Across East Africa, food prices have been increasing sharply due to a recent drought in the region and other factors that have affected the supply.  Rwanda has certainly seen significant price increases in most food items.  Please pray that those struggling to feed their families at this time, and also for all the farmers in the region so that the next harvest will be great enough to fill the gaps.

UBI (Azizi Life Impact Projects)

  • In our adult literacy program, the teachers have just started the third quarter of their lessons.  This puts them well ahead of schedule to complete the classes before the end of the year.  Please pray thestudents are able to retain everything and that all will finish the course being able to read and write well. There are 242 students studying.
  • This week we are testing out a new water filter which uses a locally-made clay pot system to filter out harmful bacteria.  Our hope is to soon start offering these filters for purchase on our interest-free payment program to artisans and their neighbors.  This will give rural families access to clean water (without the need to pre-boil).  Please pray that we can successfully begin distribution in June.


  • This month, we introduced a new Experience day for Coffee lovers.  Please pray that this new day is a big success and that the communities where they are held will experience a positive impact.
  • Recently the price of Gorilla permits in Rwanda has doubled.  As this is one of the main reasons people visit the country, we are not sure what impact this will have on tourist numbers. Please pray that our community-based Experiences will continue to be popular and continue to grow.


  • Oscar (the 5 year old son of weaver Primitive) recently had a surgery fix a problem he has had since birth with urinating.  This was the first of three surgeries, so the issue is not yet resolved.  Please pray that the family will be encouraged and that Oscar will ultimately be healed.
  • Please pray for the product development team as they work on creating new products and new designs.  Please also pray that when we launch those they will sell well and we will be able to continue to grow.  We especially want to develop products for artisans who are not currently working consistently.
  • Our artisan partners are now finishing up a large order for the US.  Please pray they are able to complete everything needed, at a high level of quality and on time.


  • Last week, a serious issue with one of the group leaders came to light.  Sadly, he has been caught lying and stealing, not just from us but from others in the community.  Please pray for the team as they try and resolve all of the problems that this has created and to respond in Jesus’ way.
  • Over the last few weeks, we have introduced a number of new products (lip balms and new styles of candles), which have proven to be popular.  Several restaurants and cafes in Rwanda’s capital have expressed interest in selling our products!  Please pray for wisdom as we look for the perfect people to partner with. 


  • We are continuing to build our volunteer team in the US.  With the approach of Gwyneth’s maternity leave, we are praying that God might provide another volunteer to serve as the Coordinator of US Sales and Operations.  It feels like that might take a miracle!  We also have openings for volunteers to serve artisans by selling products, finding new customers, and helping out with design, social media and more.  (Interested?  Find more information here.)
  • We are looking for God’s guidance in planning the end-of-year craft sale season and Christi’s November-December schedule. We know it’s early, but planning has to start now if we want to be ready in time,  We want it to be really fruitful for all the artisans!
  • We are loving our new website, but encountering some glitches.  Please ask for God’s help (He knows code, right?) and for an additional volunteer to help us maintain the technology side of the website.


  • Please pray for healing for Jeannine, our CEO, who has been experiencing serious headaches.
  • Please also pray for Chantal, our Experiences manager,  who is in the early stages of her pregnancy.  Please pray that both she and her unborn baby remain healthy.