Prayer Update – February 2020

Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, Jesus gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people. They all ate and were satisfied….

Matthew 14:19-20


  • We join believers worldwide asking that God would intervene regarding the coronavirus.
  • Praise God with us that the rains have let up. Please ask for help for all the families who must now work to repair their homes before the next big rainy season begins in April.
  • Various factors have caused the food prices in Rwanda to increase dramatically in recent months. The rains ruined a lot of crops, leading to serious hunger across the country.  Please ask for a restoration of balance in prices and help for the many people who are struggling to find enough to eat.


  • Our leadership team continues to search for land for a new Azizi Life building. We therefore continue to ask that God would supernaturally open doors for this project.
  • We forsee that our Multiply goal will require the addition of new staff and volunteers in both the US and Rwanda.  Please pray that we would be led by God to new team members who are skilled, dedicated, creative and motivated by love.
  • Let’s lift up our customers to the Lord, asking for his blessing and and for long-lasting relationships.  We praise God for more than 7 new wholesale customers!
  • Please ask for God’s wisdom as we respond to new customer inquiries for very large orders. 
  • It’s tax season!  We ask for God’s help to ensure that our international tax processes are all completed in the best way possible.


  • Please pray for Jeannine, a vivacious weaver of bowls.  She is pictured on the left of the photo above.  We praise God that Jeannine gave birth to a baby boy last week.  But there were serious complications and Jeannine has been transferred to a hospital in Kigali.  Please ask for her healing and for the wellbeing of her infant son. 
  • Over the last several years, we have prayed for weaver Sylverie and her daughter Kevine, who was born with significant disabilities.  Sylverie and her new baby are soon taking Kevine to a special center for intensive physical therapy.  Please ask that God be with them and that his hand would continue to be on Kevine.


  • Celebrate with us the beginning of our 5th term of literacy training!  


  • In a strategic move, Beeutiful Creations coming further under the umbrella of the Azizi Life social enterprise.  Please pray for a smooth transition and for thriving for all our endeavors.


  • Please pray for healing for two of our Rwandan team members.  Beathe, our cook and housekeeper is suffering from sciatic nerve pain.  Francine, our crafts assistant, is sick with malaria and asthma.


  • We praise God for all his help for the NY NOW gift show February 1-4.  We had a wonderful team of staff, Board members and volunteers helping.  Together, we connected with about 80 company representatives who were interested in our work.  Please pray for an additional $22,000 in sales to come from these connections.  Plus more!
  • We also praise God that Christi has returned to Rwanda to continue collaborating with the team there.

Celebrating our God who multiplies!
The Azizi Life Team

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