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Bird ornaments are carved from the branches of the Jacaranda tree, which regenerates itself with continued growth after it has been cut.

Hezekiah Kwihangana

For more than four decades, Paul Nzabonimpaye crafted beautiful items from wood. Since his death in 2011, his son Hezekiah has carried on with Paul’s work.

Hezekiah’s expertise lies in carving birds but he also carves baskets and wooden gift boxes. Hezekiah, like Paul before him, uses the income from woodcarving to supplement the yield gained from farming the small family field. The money helps to repair and enhance the home and purchase household essentials such as food, clothing and soap.

Hezekiah’s birds are among Azizi Life’s most well-loved products.  He now desires to teach other young people how to carve so that they can join in his work.  Hezekiah enjoys transmitting his knowledge as his father did to him.

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