Celebrating Life

Hello from the Azizi Life team to wherever you are in the world right now!  Welcome to the home of our new blog, a place in which you will find stories of hope and life from right here in beautiful Rwanda coming up in the next few months and beyond.

On this blog you can look forward to engaging stories of hope, change and beauty; of a people rising from the ashes of a country scarred by civil war and genocide.  This will always be a part of the narrative of Rwanda, but that is often where the story stopped. Now, more people are adding their voices to the new stories of Rwanda, and this is where we join them.  We will be revealing the impact that simple initiatives are having on the many hard-working, determined and enterprising artisans that form the backbone of the Azizi Life community.   Stories provide a window into someone else’s world and can be a great tool for opening up conversation.  Come and join the conversation with us.

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